Friday, January 19, 2018

7ToF: my lord, why did I even bother, except there is a link to a cool video

1. I wrote a "rage, part 2" post, but it was dumb so I deleted it. I think I'm going to let the first one stand. The second was just more of the same, less well said. Not that the first one said it well either. Maybe I will revisit the topic some day.

2. I cannot think of one single thing to tell you. I'm in the middle of three different books, but I haven't finished them yet so I can't tell you about them. We went to see "Darkest Hour" last weekend and it is good. We've been watching the Australian Open all week. We've always wanted to go, but it looks so miserably hot that we're having second thoughts.

See what I mean? I'd have to have something interesting in my head to be able to tell you about it, and at the moment it's empty. Hmmmmm.

3. Oh! I know what I was going to tell you! My nephew Stewart released a new song yesterday! You should check it out:

Also, that is not him in the video--I'll have to ask him what the story is on that. Last time I saw him he had no beard and lots of red hair. :-)

4. There's winter, and then there's WINTER. We had our share of the latter this year (including a blizzard and getting stuck in a drift of snow, which hasn't happened in years), but I think we've moved on to just regular old winter now. Our usual-- gray and overcast, frequent morning fog, daytime highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. You'd think that we'd like that better than the deep freeze, but not so much. Highs in the 30s, everything starts to thaw, overnight lows in the 20s, it freezes back up. It's a mess out there.

5. I always run out of patience with winter outerwear before winter is over. I quit wearing a jacket and gloves and a hat because I'm tired of them. Which means that even though winter isn't that extreme at the moment, I'm still cold all the time. I should freaking wear a jacket.

6. You know what is remarkable? I'm afraid to even say this. *knocks on wood* I have hardly had a headache since the new year. And I haven't really done anything different or even really thought about it. So far 2018 is working well for me.

7. Not with a bang but a whimper. This one is petering out. I'll do better next week.

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