Monday, May 11, 2015

Chestnut brown canary, ruby throated sparrow

Tucked up behind a lamp on our deck

The funny thing about a blog is that if you don't post for awhile, it looks like nothing has happened. But usually, probably, the opposite is the case--you're not posting because you're too busy to sit down and type. Or whatever else is going on. At the moment, unfortunately, none of our goings on are interesting enough to make into a blog post, unless your idea of a good time is to hear about me being sick and sitting on the couch reading. And then, I turned the page! And then, I turned another page!

So back to celebrating midlife.... Celebration #7: We've been around for some great music. Dean and I were staining the uprights on our deck this weekend (once I started feeling better) and listening to the Oldies playlist on my phone. Lots of great stuff back there. I should be embarrassed to admit that I love the old pop stuff just as much as the classic rock, but I'm not.

I've got Elvin Bishop singing "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" and Earth Wind and Fire's "September" right next to "Fool in the Rain" and "Southern Cross." As old as we are, we're actually a bit young for the classic rock stuff. When we started college in 1979, there were plenty of aging hippies still hanging out on campuses telling us that we were sellouts and that we missed the glory days of student activism. They could be pretty annoying, but they were also playing all their old music, which I grew to love.

So I get it, and I have days where I drive around getting my Led out, but I also love "Good-bye Yellow Brick Road" and "Heat of the Moment," even "Can't Smile Without You." There. I said it. Maybe there should be a 12-step group.

I'm all right, don't nobody worry about me. you got to give me a fight, why don't you just let me be?

OK, sorry. If you're my age, now we'll both have it in our heads all day.

We're headed to Seattle this weekend because our amazing daughter is graduating from her pre-clinical training. They're not completely done yet, so it's not a full-scale graduation, but it's Friday afternoon at the big fancy symphony hall downtown. Mom brag. So I get 1. a road trip, 2. to see my awesome daughter, 3. stay with beloved frequent commenter Laurel, 4. visit Seattle, one of my very favorite cities. That's enough to snap me out of any funk.

More next week.


Laurel said...

Been thinking about you, every night we see a preview for "FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD" and we both *thought* it was "maddening". So, what does that mean, "THE MADDING CROWD"? I could look it up, or use you as my own personal google brain.

Red mark on your blog title---chestnut brown, not bown. Right? Or is it some high-minded literary thing that blew right over my head? ;>)

Music! When the inlaws first retired and moved to their retirement community in the Arizona desert, all the speakers around the community centers/pools/athletic facilities, etc. played muzak with elvis, sam cooke, the shirelles, etc. Then, we started hearing "muskrat love". And NOW? AND NOW??? NOW THEY'RE PLAYING THE EAGLES and we sadly feel like it must be OUR time at the RETIREMENT home. LOL. Love you---

BarbN said...

I've always assumed 'madding' was the same thing as 'maddening' but like you I didn't notice the difference until years after I heard about the book. I didn't read it for school, read it on my own, and if I'm remembering correctly, I was done with the book before I noticed that word wasn't what I thought. Sorry about the typo--I'm trying to learn to lighten up and not be so OCD about small problems I notice with posts that are already up, but I can't stand having one in the TITLE of the post. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out. And SEE YOU TOMORROW!!